With my sister Bianca. Thanks for accompanying me before to meet the seller. Kekekekeke. Also for letting me come and helping me to convince mom regarding CNBlue:Blue Moon “Manila” concert this coming June 15. Even though im the one who paid for the ticket (wooshooo), but just accompanying me there will be memorable.

Because of my innocence (this made me laugh) and poor memory of direction (during night) i cant go there alone. Thats why, just coming with me is truly awesome, i know that your not a fan like me (who is the-super-gaga-over-the-CNBLUE-members) but you still said yes after saying that i should treat you a slices of pizza and buy you a light stick (i know deep in ur heart u are not the person who want something in return, RIGHT??) .

Let’s enjoy the concert and pose a lot using our camera360 app in my phone. Hahaha. Well, two weeks away and I will finally feel the CNBLUE effect that Im really craving for. At first I thought I cant attend the concert, for the reasons of tight budget and you’re not interested to come. But still, God made the way making the money I save is exactly the amount for the tickets for the two of us. Isnt it fate?!? Hahahah. Sorry, im just sooo excited (and i think due to excitement, i made a english post on mg blog which is very rare) to meet them and see them in a live performance. :))))))

Adios, i’ll post my soon-to-experience concert of CNBLUE…